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The world is full of wonder and beauty, and avid travelers, especially the ones who recognize the selfless gifts of nature, are good at finding such beauty. The Southern Italian town of Sorrento is one of the most popular tourist spots in Italy, buzzing with 16500 inhabitants and people from all over the world during all the major tourist sessions. Filled with beauty and joy all around, the Sorrento Coast features a town called Marina di Puolo, engulfed in happiness and surrounded by captivating eye-catching mountains. The town features a number of restaurants that offer mouth-wateringly delicious food, and one such restaurant is the Ristorante Don Vito.

This popular restaurant in Sorrento offers special traditional cuisine that tourists cannot get enough of. Fish being the major ingredient in almost all the food items, every food lover is going love this restaurant for its ambience and service. For what it really is, it is exceptionally good. The deliciousness of the freshly prepared food is only part of the equation though, and there are many other factors that attract people toward this particular restaurant.

Among other things, the magnetic charm of the place is simply irresistible. With blue water being close to sight, hinting toward a serene experience, the whole setting is very relaxing despite many tourists and inhabitants being present all the time. There is always a mood of celebration and ecstasy going on all around, and even when you do not know anybody there, it is going to feel like you are somehow connected to everyone, and especially, to the fun that is going on!

Most restaurants in Sorrento are very considerate and customer-oriented establishments, but there is a certain uniqueness attached when it comes to the Ristorante Don Vito that you cannot actually understand, but only feel. The genuine authentic items are tasty enough to make your whole experience a worthwhile one, and due to the aroma that is simply irresistible, it is hard to leave the restaurant once entered. Perfect for romantic dinners and family gatherings, the eating-establishment is also popular when it comes to taking care of groups and hosting fun-filled lively parties associated with special occasions.

Another core aspect to love about the restaurant is the modest menu. The prices of the items are not at all expensive, and affordability being one of the main driving forces behind the popularity of the restaurant, quality is never ever compromised. In fact, you are going to feel like you are at home when you are enjoying your time at the Ristorante Don Vito. The restaurant employees attending to your every small and big need like your own family members will leave you content, and enjoying the sensation of lovely breeze and sight of the blue water, you will fall in love with every minute passed.

There are moments that simply leave you speechless with awe and joy, and as you enjoy your delicious plate of food in a place filled with beauty and wonder, you lose the track of time. That is what happens when you are at the town of Marina di Puolo, with all its wonders around. Also, since Don Vito is one of the most-appreciated restaurants in Sorrento, you will be thrilled at the comfort and ease of everything that happens. The restaurant, with its fresh seasonal menu, is one that every traditional cuisine lover must try at least once in lifetime. The particular restaurant in Sorrento will make you fall in love with the fresh air and sunlit ambience, and you will want to keep coming back, not once, not twice, but again and again!

How to Book

Tel. +39 0815339819
Mobile. +39 3317287361

Opening Hours

Lunch: 12:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Dinner: 7 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.
Closing day: Wednesday, during the winter 11/15 to 03/15

Where we are

Marina di Puolo,16 - 80061 Massa Lubrense (Na)
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